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Some stories from those with Mental illness and the friends families of people dealing with these illness and disorders. Mabye I should just say illnesses and disorders to show how much more impact they have on people then many think. Even though number one and number two leading killers are mental illness and disorders and addictions,  and stress being number one.

image__16035_1521088779This image reminds me that most people with Mental illness or addiction this machines of war or things we battle with inside, hiding underneath these soldier persona of hiding it all to the outside world, until we can’t anymore if we ever deal with them or not. This is coming from a person who’s obsessed with the military and it’s history and wanted to be in the military since I was 12. Including having a Grandfather who made it alive in WW2 at The Batte of the Bulge; if you don’t know about this battle just let me look it up, who would not ever share a single story about his experience besides explaining to me as a young man why his foot was black when we went swimming and I finally asked. Even though he was the one to survive in his entite Platoon. We’re taught to keep the things we are dealing with inside. Just rub some dirt on and get up. Till we repress so many memories that end up leading to a lot of problems that either develop some mental illness such as depression, ptsd, bypolor depression, ect… But luckily we live in a better society then my Grandfather did where he had no choice but to move on as if nothing happened and I didn’t ever see him without a smile. I feel like its a military minded society where mental illness and disorders are almost a secret you don’t want anyone to know about or how it may be affecting you. Things are slowly changing but it’s kind of to late for the previous generations. You put a smile on your face at work or school the day or a few hours before something tragic may have just happened to you or you received some bad news. We are taught to put on this act. In no way am I taking away from soldiers who have probably seen some of the worst things imaginable compared to what civilians perspective might be. But most soldiers do the same thing, put a smile on their face and move on carrying all these “demons” with them.

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