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ROAD 2 Recovery

I am trying to start a community where people and their families who have to deal with Mental disorders, addictions, and even loss; can come together and help one another with out judgment or fear.


Welcome to the journey whether or not it is living your life with a mental disorder including addictions etc… Here you can be anonymous and help others dealing with your story and your Journeys in life and maybe some advice to our community. Right now I have to work on the Financials needed to allow you post freely instead of just in a comment but if you would like to share message me at with a subject that states something about wanting to be share. Whether you want, to be anonymous or credited it up to you it is your story. This also includes the family members affected by these disorders trying to share their stories.


An image of a double rainbow I took while at a wedding this weekend that means a lot to me and brought a smile to my face. Love you.


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